Besides doodling on pictures, it's also fun to use a 'normal' picture frame! Here you can see how plus some inspiration and handy tips.

- Picture frame
- Colored paper
Chalk marker or Paint marker
- Tape + Scissors
- Designs in tutorial: Twinkle star, Summer ice creams en Cooking herbs printables

01. Cut a piece of colored papier, fitting the frame. Next you print the drawing (mirrored!) you want to trace. Measure the frame in advance so you know which size you need. If the smallest size is still too big, you can also printed scaled (for example 75%).

02. Next you tape the print on the inside of the frame (so it won't move). Forgot the print the mirrored design? That's ok, so did I. You can turn around the print and it'll still be visible enough to trace.

03. Trace the drawing with chalk marker.

04. Wait until it's completely dry, open the frame and remove the print. Turn the piece of glass over so the chalk drawing is on the inside, then close the frame.

Tadaa! Wrap it, add a card and you've got an original, handmade babyshower gift! Or if you chose a different design, you can make it for other occasions too.

Besides one colored paper, it's also to put patterned paper behind the drawing!

Drawing with (white) lines: first draw the lines, let it thoroughly dry and then color the rest. Make sure the marker is wet enough so you don't accidentally scratch away the lines (so regularly press the point and shake the marker, cap on! while you're drawing)

Sometimes the back is fine and you don't need to insert anything.

Or completely nothing! This give your work a bit of expo-feeling. This frame wasn't meant for this purpose, so you see the clips, but you can get frames without back in various homedecor-shops.

I hope I inspired you, happy (window)drawing!

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