Today I experimenter with a glass jar. I took some picture during so you can participate.

- Glass jar
- Measure tape
- Chalk marker or Paint marker
- Design in tutorial: Houses printable

01. Measure the circumference of the jar. Next print the size window drawing that is closest to that size (preferably smaller). This jar was 40 cm, so I printed size M at 85%.

02. When applicable, assemble the printable and cut away the excess paper at the bottom and top. Roll up the paper (print on the outside) en insert in the jar.

03. Trace the drawing. I wanted to do it with a white marker, but didn't have one. Luckily the silver looked nice too.

04. Remove the paper and tadaa! Fun for for example a vase, or just like this (with a candle in the evening).

I hope I inspired you, happy (window)drawing!

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