The photobooth props were designed to draw on windows, but you can of course also use it on pictures frames! Be inspired and come up with your own party hats, but if you don't feel like it, here's how you can do it with the printable.

- Picture in a frame
- Scissors
- Tape
Chalk marker or Paint marker
- Design in tutorial: Photobooth props printable

01. Remove the printable from the frame. Cut out the drawing you want to trace and put a piece of tape on tip (doesn't have to be big). Note! The sticky side needs to be on the front, so the tape on the back.

02. Put it on the picture where you want it.

03. Next place the glass from the frame straight on the picture. Rub a bit so it'll stay.

04. Repeat step 1 to 3 until you're done.

05. Place the picture back in the frame so everything stays in it's place and trace the drawings. Wait till it's completely dry, remove the prints and close the frame back up again. Done!

- For smaller pictures you can print the smallest printable size scaled, The frame I used was about A5 (15 x 20 cm) and printed the size S at 50%).
- Did the tape stick too much? You can remove residue with some benzine on a tissue.
- Before you start, clean the glass. I forgot and the tape didn't stick at all.
- I used a 2-3 mm chalk marker and it was a bit too wide. There are also thinner markers avaiable, or if it can stay for a while, you can also use glass marker.
I hope I inspired you, happy (window)drawing!

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